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How to grow your penis length up to 7 inches and girth up to 5 inches/ Herbal Oil Therapy

Grow your penis length up to 7 inches and girth up to 5 inches.  How? 

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Penis enlargement has been a topic that has interested men for ages unknown.. Every man wants his little buddy to be as large as possible within human limits.  Naturally when there has been a demand, there has always been someone to cash in on it.  In the present time penis enlargement medications has swollen into a huge market. The internet is flooded with alluring claims of growing your penis up to even 9 to 10 inches. But the natural question is if it is possible. Or to be more precise whether it’s possible to increase the length of the penis at all. 

In this article we’ll try to cover all that’s there about penis enlargement. Is it possible to to get your penis to grow larger and bigger? When should one seriously think that he needs penis enlargement? What’s the average penis length in a population? What is a micropenis? And most importantly, how can we increase the length of the penis?

Before we start, we would like to say a few words about Go Curable. Go Curable is not yet another internet website or  youtube channel, where some mumbo jumbo and senseless stories are served in the name of facts. Everything written on Go curable is based on solid facts and wherever we present some data, we try to give the source of that information so that you can check for yourself.

So, when we start talking about penis enlargement, the natural question arises, ‘what is the average or normal length of the penis of a man? Here it’s important to note that penis size, be it’s length or girth, can be measured in two ways. One, when the penis is erect and another when it’s not erect i.e. the penis is flaccid. Flaccid size doesn’t matter much. It’s erect penis length and erect girth that we’re concerned about in this article.   Average length of the penis varies among different ethnic groups. For example white and black people top the list, while Koreans and Japanese have the smallest penises. Indians too do not have much to boast about (only just above Koreans). According to ‘The National Center for Biotechnology Information’, which is attached to United States National Library of Medicine’, the average adult erect penis length among Indian men is 5 to 6 inches and the adult erect penis girth is 4 to 4.5 inches. 

Is it really possible to grow the penis in length or girth?

A short answer is: Yes.

But hang on. It’s where all the quackery and mountebanks come in. So please do not fall prey to them. So how is it possible fairly? There are two ways to increase penis length and girth. First with penis enlargement pumps and second with the application of penis enlarging essential oils of herbal and animal origin.

Penis Enlargement Pump

Penis enlargement pump is a mechanical device, which is considered by medical experts one method that almost for sure works. The general principle of a penis pump is increasing the blood flow in penis by creating a vacuum. Penis pump may be motor-driven or manual. Besides, a penis pump can also be used for erectile dysfunction.

Penis Enlargement Essential Oils

Penis essential enlarging essential oils are also very effective in growing penis size, both length and girth. These essential oils are extracted from many rare but effectively working herbs and also prepared from some animal fats.

when should a man seriously think that his penis is not big enough?

If the erect penis length is shorter than 5 inches, you should go for penis enlargement. The best way to grow your buddy is a combination of penis enlargement pump and essential oil massage. You may use only either a pump or essential oils but a combination is always preferred. both pump and essential oils should be used under medical supervision. 

When the penis length is below 3 inches, this condition is called ‘micropenis’. Micropenis treatment needs an additional use of surgery and hormone therapy or both. The success rate of treatment of micropenis varies greatly and the results and response are not always guaranteed as far as micropenis is concerned.

What is the role of penis size in pleasure and satisfying your partner?

Penis size is not very much linked to pleasure during sex unless it’s the condition of micropenis, though it does have some role in sex-partner’s satisfaction. besides except for the condition of micropenis, penis length does not affect fertility of a man. 

What to do when you think your penis is not up to scratch?

First of all, you take a thread and measure the length and the girth of the penis with it. This way you can be sure whether or not you need to increase the size of the penis. If your size is within normal range according to your race, you obviously do not need to worry about the size. If the size is below the normal range i.e. for an Indian if the length is less than 5 inches and the girth is shorter than 4 inches, you may consider to increase it. Secondly, it also matters how short you are, because that decides which method will suit you i.e. a penis enlargement pump or essential oils or both. If the length is less than 3 inches, you may have to see a doctor for hormone therapy or surgery or a combination of all the methods. 

What are penis enlargement essential oils and where can you get them?

Penis enlargement essential oils have been being used in Ayurveda and Naturopathy for centuries. There benefits have been unmistakable. They are derived and purified from various herbs like a famous essential oil is derived from the;

  • Black cumin seeds
  • Clove
  • Saffron
  • Akaraka
  • Olive
  • Jayphal
  • Almond
  • Wallnut
  • Nutmeg
  • + other herbs


But the question is: Can you be sure that penis enlargement essential oil you have just bought really contain what it claims to contain? Besides which essential oil for penis enlargement will suit you? Go Curable has its own online doctors team, who talk to you and decide which oil will work best for you. Go Curable prepares penis enlargement essential oils of both herbal and animal origin with a special focus on purity but never comprising with the action. If you have something to ask us about penis enlargement, you are welcome to Go Curable Online Doctors. You can order our  penis enlargement combo pack which has a penis enlargement pump and essential oils tailored according to your need.

  1. In classical Greece and Rome moderate length of the penis was considered most attractive. A very big penis reflected lewdness and  a very short penis was an abomination. When Michelangelo sculpted the famous sculpture of David, he tried to  keep himself  in line with classical Greece and Rome by keeping the length of the sculpture’s penis average size.
  2.   In Bible’s book of Ezekiel, chapter 30, one symbolic prostitute  Oholibah is mentioned who wistfully reminisced about the penis length of Egyptians. ‘She lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.’





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